AdWords Quality Score. Impact Examples.

Why Google AdWords Quality Score is important?

AdWords Quality Score determines which of your ads to show, on what positions and how much you will pay for them.
It basically shows how good your advertising campaign is targeting your audience.

A high Quality Score of 10/10 means your ads are offering best customer experience in Google eyes.
For that, the Search Engine will reward you with up to 50% lower Cost-Per-Click and higher ad position.
In return, this leads to more visitors to your page.

Quality Score Impact Examples on Cost-Per-Click. 

quality score impact examples

influence of adwords quality score on cpc

How to Improve Quality Score?

First of all, approach keywords targeting with human intent in mind. Create your visitor profile. Ask yourself the following: Who are my potential visitors? What are they looking for? How do they search for it? What keyword phrases they might use?

After knowing who is your audience and choosing which keywords to target, think of ad copies. Write copies, so they would answer visitors questions. Promise to fill their needs. Speak their language.

Finally, landing page. While an ad copy is answering a question, landing page is providing a solution. Landing page must fulfill promises of an ad copy. Again, speak visitors language, be precise and to the point. Provide good user experience.

Key takeaways:

  • You pay less per click, when your Quality Score is higher.
  • Your Quality Score is higher, when you know people’s needs and offer solution in ad copy.
  • The offer in your ad copy should be similar to the offer on your website.

High Quality Score will improve your advertising performance.